"I heard you speak at our Club this morning; and let me tell you, it was inspiring. I felt the pride your son has in you when he spoke about you, and I nearly lost it when I heard you speak. It is such a good feeling to hear stories about people who are doing good and are dedicated to the Lord as you and your family are.     Quote from Dyersburg, Tennessee

"I was in Tallahassee Saturday and heard your story. I enjoyed it very much. I bet you had a great time playing and being with your son. It was one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard."     Quote from Tallahassee "Men's Rally for Christ"

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed hearing your story at our Christmas party in Troy on this past Saturday. That was the third White and Associates Christmas party I have attended and I enjoyed it the most. Your story is very touching and motivational. I am proud of all that you have done. Keep on keeping on!"     Quote from Troy, Tennessee

"I enjoyed your story. It does give me hope to try my idea! Thank you."     Quote form Maury City, Tennessee

"Joey, what can I say but it was great. Everyone that I spoke to and the ones that came up to me afterwards stated that the message was great, Thanks to both you and Kyle for making Saturday evening great."     Quote from Dyersburg, Tennessee